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Erika "Rika" Maldonado

Photographer, Videographer, Content Creator

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About Me

Welcome to my creative realm! From the flicker of the silver screen to the glow of television, my journey has always been intertwined with the world of films. There's a certain magic behind the scenes that has captivated me since I can remember. I hungered for every detail, every nuance that breathed life into the shows and movies I adored. Call it obsession if you will, but my fascination knew no bounds. While others reveled at parties, I found myself at home, bringing my own cinematic visions to life or devouring the secrets tucked within behind-the-scenes documentaries.


Fueling this passion, I embarked on an academic journey, earning an Associate's Degree in Performing Arts from Dutchess Community College. This foundation expanded further as I ventured into the world of retail, understanding the intricate dance of customer engagement. Yet, destiny had a different script in mind when I made the pivotal choice to join the Disney College Program. For two transformative years, I played a role in weaving the very magic that makes dreams come true in the enchanting world of Disney.


But every journey unfurls unexpected chapters. Armed with a treasure trove of experiences, I embarked on my own creative odyssey. My lens turned to specialize in videography, photography, independent films, and the captivating realm of podcasting—cue "That's a Latté Film." Each project I took on was an act of pouring my heart and soul into the art of bringing stories to vibrant life.


Today, I stand tall as the proud owner of "Maldonado Creative," where my mission is to illuminate the creative visions of others, ushering them from the shadows into the spotlight. For over two years, I've embraced this role, weaving my diverse background and talents into a symphony of success.


Come, join me in this ongoing narrative. Let's journey together, capturing your unending special moments driven by my unyielding curiosity and fervent passion to seize your life's highlights through my lens that will linger long after the curtain falls.

Rika on Set

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